"Be the CHANGE, You want to see in this WORLD"

This is perhaps the most inspiring thought that aptly defines the motive of  KYA-NGO which strives to bring consistent changes in the lives of the people.

Khammam Youth Association (KYA)

Khammam Youth Association (KYA) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). It’s a platform where youngsters can assist for needy people for a better society. KYA NGO hopes to raise the hands and voice of people who truly have Fascinating heart and medium to channel their energy in the right direction. With this goal in mind, KYA is undertaking events. 

In this Society, There is no real social change can ever occur without the transition of throughout to action. The quintessential end of all social changes is to make the human being in rights like treating liberty, equality, and well-being. KYA aims to make that into a reality in which we will start living. We talk and talk for days together and once it’s done, a sense of self-satisfaction, pride and enthusiasm takes over as we’re under the impression that we have achieved something good and fruitful which was of benefit to either a company, an organisation or to the whole society. As months or Weeks pass by as we wait to see the change we had hoped for and discussed. 

KYA NGO helps each and every participant to develop their one's communication skills and social skills, and integrate leadership qualities into one’s personality through group discussions. Furthermore, it will present the team with engaging tasks that will stretch anyone’s exposure to hardship and happiness extensively. Hence, the KYA not only aims to bring about change in the city but also in people to prepare them for anything and everything the future has to hold. At KYA, the brightest and sharpest young minds gather, not only to think and discuss the problems that bring forth the need for social and Economic change, but also formulate a plan of action by which these changes can be brought forward in a feasible and effective manner.


We aim to bring a change, inspire and form better world with our own deeds to the needy through collective action in making that world a reality to all aspects of life.


To translate our vision into action and accomplish our mission, we strive to

- To work together towards a common desire.

- To direct individual accomplishment towards organizational objectives.

- To fuel common people to attain uncommon results.

-  To act as glue, this keeps a team together, a bond which promotes strength, unity, reliability, and support.